Is 2020 the year of proptech?

Is 2020 the year of proptech?

As a newly labelled ‘essential’ industry and Australia’s largest GDP contributor, the property sector has recently been forced to rapidly adopt tech. Its survival instincts kicked in as restrictions from the government were rolled out, further pushing the proptech community for help. 

The question on many real estate professionals lips right now: what are my options? 

To help answer that, REACH Australia has gathered the top proptech companies across the built environment for their 2020 Insight Panel. The panel is a globally recognised initiative that gives the industry an ‘insiders’ look into who these companies are and their capabilities. The companies also ask for feedback, giving you the ability to let them know what you need to solve your greatest pain points.

By providing feedback, you are able to make a direct impact on the future of the proptech industry.   

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