Remco Marcelis

Remco has worked both sides of the startup street for many years - in startups as CFO, and on the VC and investor side.
All Categories Accounting, CFO, Financial Modelling, Fundraising, Venture Capital Online

Bryan Williams

Head of Ecosystem App Partnerships for Xero Australia and New Zealand
All Categories, Technology Ecosystems, Partnerships, Platforms, Scaling your business Online

Matt Smith

Managing Partner, MitchelLake Group
All Categories Hiring, Human Capital, Human Resources, Talent, Talent Management Online

Hari Iyer

Founder of Saas integration company SyncEzy. I can help with B2B Business Development, SAAS, validation, bootstrap development, outsourcing and remote team management.
All Categories, Construction, Outsourcing, Project Management, Trade Services API Integration, Bootstrapping, Product/Market Fit, Software Integrations, Validation Online

Wasi Rizvi

Passionate Cyber Security Advisor and Mentor
Any Cyber Program Management, Cyber Security Compliance, Product Security, Risk Management, Security Architecture, Security Operations and Incident Management Online

Joseph Robins

Leading Expansion at GoCardless
All Categories, FinTech, SAAS B2B SaaS, Building Teams, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Fintech, International Expansion, Payments, Sales, Strategy Online

John Sherwood

Tech Co-founder of
All Categories, Education, Marketing Bootstrapping, Remote Working, SaaS, Software Development, Team Management Online

Tom Williamson

Principal Product Manager at Common Code
Agtech, Construction Tech, Energy Tech, Real Estate Tech App Development, Energy, Product Strategy, Product/Market Fit, SaaS Online

Valerie Judge

Managing Director, Melbourne Edge Consultants
All Categories, Pyschology Early Stage Startup, Founder Perfomance, Founder Wellbeing, Managing Teams, Mental Health, Wellbeing Online

Julie Demsey

I help people break though clutter, limiting beliefs and barriers to help them reach their full potential - personally and professionally
All Categories, Health, Health Tech, Media Difficult Conversations, Founder Wellbeing, Mindset, Pitch Deck, Product/Market Fit, Project Prioritization, Team Wellbeing Online