Startup Central Victoria: Accelerator Program

Three intense learning streams open to individuals and teams supported by experts, coaches and mentors: Discovery – early-stage founders Development – creation, testing and validation. Advanced – scaling-up nationally and internationally A series of workshops, guest speakers and 1:1 mentoring sessions will be delivered under the guidance of La Trobe University. Participants should commit to a flexible 8 hours of learning, self-development and mentoring per week. Access will also be provided to an Investors Safe Pitch & Feedback Session and International Pitch Contest.
25 Oct '21 — 01 Apr '22 12:00 pm Online TBC La Trobe Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Web Scraping with Python

Learn how to explore the "insides" of websites and extract information from them! A lot of tech companies rely on Web scraping to fill their databases with publicly accessible information: price comparators, travel aggregators. Scraping is widely used in marketing for market research or customer feedback analysis 📈 Some experience with Python will come in handy, but any programming language concept knowledge will be enough to navigate the workshop. It’s not really about the syntax, it’s more about the process 💪 In this workshop, we use Python, the Beautiful Soup scraping library, and an interactive Jupyter notebook to show you the basics of web scraping in a step-by-step tutorial. You are free to take home the resulting code 🙌
26 Jan '22 06:30 pm Zoom Le Wagon Australia

Le Wagon Demo Day - Batch #711

With little or no previous coding experience, our students have been learning how to code part-time for 24 weeks 👨‍💻👩‍💻 Discover the products they created from scratch, and celebrate the end of their incredible journey 🚀
29 Jan '22 05:00 pm Zoom Le Wagon Australia

StartUp Funding Series - CrowdFunding

Understanding different sources of startup funding and capital sources is critical if you are raising capital but it can be confusing. From family and friends to angels, crowdfunding, family offices and VC's there's a lot to choose from. In this series we'll be exploring different types of startup investors and providing practical tips on how founders can successfully raise from each of them. Our second event is about Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a relatively recent source of startup funding but has grown strongly in recent years and seen record raises executed over the last year. We’ve got a great panel for the event including Matt Vitale, Co-founder of Birchal, Melanie Leahy and Elisse Alexander, Co-founders of Ziinkle and Jason Atkins, Co-founder of Cake Equity.
02 Feb '22 01:00 pm ONLINE Cake Equity

Startup Success Series: Pricing Masterclass with Patrick McKenzie

Join us for this presentation to learn the best way to think about pricing your products with Patrick McKenzie from Stripe.
You've built a great product and you're ready to start selling it to customers - but how do you figure out how much to charge? Figuring out how to price your product can be confusing. Should it be based on your cost to produce + a profit margin? Or based on the value you believe the product will deliver for your customer? How do you figure out how much people are willing to pay? How do you test that pricing with your customers and communicate changes in price as your product improves and changes over time? There's a lot to consider when it comes to pricing. So for this edition of the Startup Success Series we've invited Patrick McKenzie, Content and Communications @ Stripe and pricing thought leader to provide clarity and share some practical advice. You can expect to learn about:
  • How intuitive pricing pyschology might be holding you back
  • The importance of re-evaluating your pricing on an ongoing basis
  • Tactics for rolling out pricing changes, and;
  • Why you should be charging more than you think
This edition of the Startup Success Series will be a presentation, followed by an audience Q&A with Patrick. We can’t wait to see you there!
03 Feb '22 1pm Startup Vic

Ideathon: Game Changers

Ideathon is back and better than ever!⁠ ⁠ Get ready to jump ahead of the curve with Ideathon: Game Changers! It's the first step to launching your dream startup, growing your business, and making an impact!⁠ ⁠ Student or professional, solo entrepreneur or small teams (of up to 4), everyone is welcome to join!⁠ ⁠ All participants will receive gift bags, and winners will take home many amazing prizes, including a scholarship amounting to thousands of dollars to NCubation, our acclaimed incubator program. ⁠
05 Feb '22 11:00 am 11th Space 11th Space