HQ “No Frills” WorkSpace

The New Kids Stepping Off The Block

The age of co-working has well and truly arrived with new sites popping up faster than you can shake a stick at. They’ve all got most of the same hallmarks too, beautifully laid out spaces, free beer and insanely unaffordable prices (for startups anyway). But hey, free beer!

The team behind HQ aren’t just the new kids on the block, they’re the new kids stepping off the block. “We’re not quite a co-working space and we’d like to step away from that label” according to George Varkey, one of the co-founders of HQ, “we’re just a shared office floor that’s beautifully laid out and much cheaper than other spaces. We don’t really have the fluff that co-working spaces have, but we don’t charge you for it either”.

HQ WorkSpace is a no frills shared office floor that’s beautifully fitted out for entrepreneurs and their startups/businesses. It has spacious private offices, meeting rooms, outdoor working & chill out spots, and many of the cool things you’ll find in a WeWork. What it doesn’t have is unaffordable high rental prices — and that’s because they don’t have things like free beer on tap, or a whole crew of staff to tend to your needs. “We’re a startup too and we’re working on a lean model. We’re stripping away as much of the excess fat as possible and giving you, great quality wagyu at surprisingly decent prices” — and that’s no bull (pardon the pun).

HQ WorkSpace has 9 private offices ranging from 3-10 pax and prices start from $1,500, or they have dedicated desks at $500 per month for the Lone Rangers out there.

HQ is designed to deliver value, but it’s also designed to inspire the businesses and people who work within it. “Startups are incredibly hard to get off the ground, believe me I know, HQ is yet another one of mine and my bottom dollar is in it.” Says Prenny Abraham, the other co-founder. “We’ve had to dig deep for this one. Into our network, our pockets and into our soul. This is a space in which we encourage outlandish ambitions and crazy dreams. We take inspiration from people who’ve changed the world with their ideas and we believe that we can all get there too”. The founders of HQ have a decent network of investors, advisors and mentors that are looking for great quality startups to get involved with. Prenny is a senior UX Designer and George is a Product Owner. They’re also well versed in business development and are a great resource to any startup looking to find their groove.

Apart from creating an effective workspace, one of the main goals HQ is trying to aim toward is developing an ecosystem of people and businesses that are actually good for the planet. “The last thing the earth needs is another business that puts profit over sustainability. We want to encourage our businesses and their people to be better citizens of this planet and be more conscious of the footprint they’re leaving behind. We’re setting up a space that puts a huge emphasis on responsible recycling in the workplace while shedding light on good practices that reduces our impact on the planet. The workplace is the best place to start and hopefully that trickles into the lives and homes of the people that are a part of HQ WorkSpace”. While your startup may have nothing to do with sustainability, it definitely can align it’s values to make a positive contribution toward a better looked after planet, according to Prenny. “Even if nothing else goes to plan with HQ, if we’ve helped a few businesses change their outlook on saving the planet, that’d be a big win for us and a personal success for me”.

HQ WorkSpace opens their doors September 2nd 2019 with viewings officially starting August 12th. Spaces are limited so get in early and nab a spot while they’re still available.

Level 4, 10 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne. Located right in between Parliament Station and Fitzroy Gardens in the city. For bookings, you can get a hold of George on 0424 882 399 or george.varkey@outlook.com.