How to manage startup development remote teams?

Nowadays, a great number of employees prefer to work remotely.

Yet, there are a lot of pitfalls in this working model. For example, a common company structure and information on how to start a remote team company successfully is missing.

How to manage remote teams successfully?

  1. Pay attention to each employee.
  2. Chat constantly with your workers.
  3. Use screen sharing tools.
  4. Keep track of the employers’ time and their performance.
  5. Organise a time synchronization management system.

To learn more about successful startup remote teams management we recommend you to read our full article.

Moreover, here is the list of tools that will serve as a kick-off for your startup management:

  • Project management systems
  • Communication.
  • VCS systems and other code tools: BitBucket. Github. Cloud9. Hackpad.
  • Work with documents and other tasks: World Clock and Figure it Out. Google Sites. Confluence. ProdPad. Meldium.

Follow these tips and your startup will definitely skyrocket!