Get excited for this month’s Impact Pitch Night with the Humans of Purpose podcast!

Hey everyone! This month, we at Startup Victoria are partnering with Giant Leap Fund to shine the spotlight on startups that fuse profit with purpose through our Impact Pitch Night!

From carbon neutral delivery services to re-purposing organic waste through the use of black soldier flies, Australia has a huge number of amazing companies that are doing their part to make a good impact on our world. We want to draw attention to some of the great new up-and-coming startups in this sector, and we can hardly contain our excitement to see what amazing companies come take part!

If you’re a part of one of these amazing impact-based companies, we’d love to have you apply to pitch on the night! Applications close COB 12th September, so you should get yours in as soon as you can by filling out this form.

If you aren’t in a position to pitch, but you’re interested in startups making waves in the modern world, you should definitely attend this event on the 24th September! Tickets are free and you can register quickly on our Eventbrite page here.

The cover image of the Humans of Purpose podcast.

If purpose-based people and companies is something you’d love to know more about, an amazing resource is Humans of Purpose. Humans of Purpose is a podcast hosted by Mike Davis, who also happens to be joining us as the emcee for the Impact Pitch Night. It focuses on purpose-driven individuals who tell their own inspiring stories in a comfortable conversation.

Rachel Yang, Investment Manager of Giant Leap Fund at Impact Investment Group, joined Mike just yesterday to chat about her story.

Growing up without much money but fortunate enough to receive a scholarship for a great education, Rachel realised that the work she was doing writing reports wasn’t translating to actions being taken to improve the world. Traveling to North East Arnhem Land and working to remediate a waste management facility—and being able to actually implement those changes and see the impact she was making, opened her eyes to purpose-driven work like this.

“I was a different person when I came back. Because I realised that I really wanted to do more and have my work mean something to me in the sense of tangible and intangible. That emotional connection to my work felt really important.”

After the culture-shock of returning from Arnhem Land, she eventually found her way to Impact Investment Group, where she can support companies in the private sector to solve “public sector” type issues (e.g. health, waste management, etc.).

Later, Rachel and Mike chat about balancing work with exercise and meditation, diversity and inclusion and the modern desensitisation around that subject, and this month’s Impact Pitch Night.

The Giant Leap Team, with Rachel Yang, Charlie Macdonald, Amanda Goodman, Peter Cameron, Daniel Madhavan, Adam Milgrom, Kylie Charlton, and Will Richardson (left to right).

The conversation between Rachel and Mike is so interesting and inspiring to any listener. I personally listened to the podcast about three times just so that I could really absorb the vast amount of information and break it down in my own mind.

If you want to listen to this episode (or any episode) of Humans of Purpose, you can listen in for free at this link and learn more about impact-oriented companies direct from the primary source: the people behind them. You can also find Humans of Purpose by searching on iTunes.

We hope all of you are as excited for this months pitch night as we are! Remember, we’d love to have you apply to pitch and/or attend as part of the audience.

If you have any questions or comments—or want to know how you can get involved in the purpose-driven side of the startup community here in Victoria, let us know through our contact form by clicking on the link “Contact Us” at the bottom of this website.

I hope you all have a great day, and I hope to see you at the event at the end of this month!

Startup Victoria

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