Free personality report generated from your online public profiles in 5 minutes

Curious about what the words you use to communicate reveal about your personality to others in a “digital first” world?

Would you like to take part anonymously in groundbreaking research and find out how others interpret your online posts and attribute personalities to you?

The language you use on social media may be telling a powerful message to others about the type of person you are – or appear to be – directly affecting your online reputation.

In collaboration with a psychologist and building on IBM’s cutting edge tech, Reputationaire is undertaking a study to help you understand how others perceive you.

The first 200 people from StartupVic to complete this 5 minute survey will be provided a free, detailed personality report that may provide unique insights into what your online public profiles reveal about your personality.

Your privacy is important: we only ask for your public social media usernames for the purposes of studying the language publicly available from your profile (any post or text that appears when a profile is searched on social media search engine).

Click the link below to complete the 5 minute survey and claim your free report: