Foundwell is coming soon, a world-first founder social network! Pre-register now

What is it?

Foundwell is a founder social network, designed to connect Aussie startups and business owners to the people and resources they need to stay on track, accountable, resourced, well informed and connected. It’s kind of like LinkedIn or Facebook, but with a hyper-focus on entrepreneurs. It’s open to all founders across borders, but also to any investor, startup hub, co-working space, corporate, and coaches alike who want to engage, collaborate and support local founders to succeed.


Running a business is lonely work. Nobody understands what you’re going through, the sleepless nights, the financial worries, no one to bounce your ideas with. So you feel isolated. Eventually your mental health suffers, you start doubting yourself, and then you stop taking risks and eventually 90% of startups fail. But we want to change that.

There are great cohorts out there who help founders within their network, but we realised we can do more. We believe help and connection must be accessible to everyone from metro to regional Australia, and beyond. So we created Foundwell to fill a gap in the market, one that is centralised, easily accessible, and breaks down silos to allow a level playing field for all.

A call to action

We are busy working through building the platform, which could only be a couple of months away from launch. In the meantime, we’d like to offer our fellow StartupVic members to pre-register online  and be one of the very first in the world to gain freemium access to Foundwell.

Anyone can pre-register on our website at

Thank you for reading and we look forward to connecting with you.

Well wishes,

The Foundwell Team