Finch launches FinchXP with EatClub partnership

Finch, an award-winning consumer finance app, has unveiled FinchXP, its financial technology platform for business. The platform helps businesses and financial services enhance the digital banking and payment experience for consumers through advanced personalisation with the following products and APIs:


  • FinchPay
  • Data enrichment
  • Card controls 
  • Personal finance management


EatClub, the world’s first dynamic pricing platform that helps restaurants instantly fill empty tables by sending out last-minute deals, announced it will be the first company in Australia to take advantage of FinchXP, rolling out FinchPay to support the launch of their in-app ordering and payments for takeaway deals. 


Developed in response to the growing popularity of the shared economy, FinchPay handles the complexity of shared payments across business and peer networks. For the first time in Australia, FinchPay will be able to split a single transaction on both the business side (between other businesses or suppliers) as well as on the consumer side (between friends and family). 


EatClub, who has raised a total of $4.1m for international expansion, will use FinchPay as an end-to-end payment solution to restaurants and their customers. Customers will be able to order in-app, pay and split with friends, faster than traditional payment platforms. 


FinchPay will allow EatClub to:

  • Accept payments in app via credit or debit card, or the customer’s Finch balance
  • Easily split the payment with multiple merchants and suppliers. FinchPay’s proprietary rules engine can define logic for every type of transaction, based on % discount, time, or day
  • Receive data intelligence from the FinchXP platform around the latest merchant trends and industry insights


FinchPay will allow EatClub customers to:

  • Pay for their online orders via a credit or debit card, or their Finch balance
  • Easily split the cost immediately, or later, with friends and family in Finch App


EatClub co-founder and famed restaurateur, Marco Pierre White said:


“EatClub is changing the way Australians dine in and takeout. We’re passionate about delivering amazing value to our customers, which is why we’ve partnered with Finch to make the experience even better. Customers can now pay for their takeaway orders in our app, and have a convenient and fun way to split the experience with friends.”


EatClub CEO, Pan Koutlakis said:


“As a marketplace platform, FinchPay solves our problem of distributing payments across our restaurant network. This, paired with Finch’s proven group payments functionality for customers, makes this an innovative solution we’re proud to adopt. We’re excited to work with another Aussie startup who appreciate the customer experience as much as we do.”


Finch CEO, Toby Gardner said:


“Adding FinchPay within EatClub furthers our mission to provide seamless customer experiences through advancements in financial technology. But more uniquely, we’re helping businesses in the shared economy handle payments in a way that adds value to both their bottom line and customer experience.”


EatClub recently hit their biggest milestone yet – seating over 1 million customers in restaurant seas that may have otherwise gone empty.