Ever wanted an accountability partner to keep you motivated and on-track with your weekly startup goals? I’ve got the perfect solution for you.

SOLUTION – A meetup group called:

Start-Up Founder’s Goal-Setting & Accountability Partnership

PURPOSE – Welcome all Pre-Launch and Pre-Scale Start-up business Founders and Co-Founders. The purpose of this group is to keep us motivated and on-track to achieving our weekly and monthly business goals leading up to our Launch Date or Scale-up Date.

WHO SHOULD JOIN ? – If you are looking for the motivation of regular in-person founder networking nights at a CBD bar where we all participate (no spectators) in declaring weekly and monthly goals, achievements, failures and learnings to the group. Membership will only be approved for pre-launch or pre-scale start-ups founders and co-founders with: (1) their own website, (2) a business email address, (3) a business listing currently in your LinkedIn profile, (4) a registered business name, and (5) a 3 – 5 minute start-up video pitch link.

WHAT YOU WILL DO AT OUR EVENTS ? – Every week we will meet at a CBD Pub to announce to the group our own new SMART goals for the week or month, and present to the group which of the previously announced (and documented) week’s or month’s goals were achieved and which were not. Goal Successes will be celebrated (my shout at the bar) and Goal Failures will be motivationally deterred (payment into the drinks kitty) and learned from.

HOW DO I JOIN ? To become a member of the group for free CLICK HERE , or go to www.meetup.com and search for my group (Start-Up Founder’s Goal-Setting & Accountability Partnership) . Once you’ve answered the membership questions I’ll invite you to our events.