Workshop – Storytelling as a Tool for Change

To tell a story is to touch someone’s soul.

Powerful storytelling not only teaches but changes people. It is a connection capable of challenging beliefs.

Every time you listen to someone’s story you become a part of it and it of you creating an empathy bridge.

We will explore the power of storytelling for connection and collaboration and how to become a storyteller.

Hosted by Mariam Issa
Speaker, Author, Storyteller, Community Builder.
At age 30, Mariam Issa moved to a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, from her Somali homeland with her husband, four children and a fifth on the way. Far away from the tight communities and families in Somalia, Mariam found herself in a foreign country that had a foreign language and a foreign culture.

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This workshop is brought to you by Thrive Village, a Happy Spaces program aiming to bring Global Innovation Mindset to Local Communities