Workshop – Soul Work

The world has never been more connected and disconnected.

There are more ways than ever to communicate, with exponential growth of information and digital systems. Everything is moving faster, making slowing down a challenge in our personal and professional lives.

Finding presence in a world that spends most of its time and energy focus on what has happened and what might happen can be overwhelming, exhausting and distract us from the only thing we really have; the present moment.

As businesses become more aware of their impact, the movement towards purposeful practices has gathered momentum. But these organisations are not immune to the challenges all of us face in the pace of this new world.

Join us for a practical human experience that gives insight and tools on how to remain connected to yourself, others and your environment in this ever-evolving world.

Hosted by Founder of Happy Spaces, Matty Lawrence

What you’ll get;

• Stimulus to discover purpose
• Ways of making work a part of life
• Methods for awareness, presence and flow
• Practical tools to integrate daily rituals and habits

This workshop is brought to you by Thrive Village, a Happy Spaces program aiming to bring Global Innovation Mindset to Local Communities