Workshop – Living Organisations

In times of accelerated changes being a fast learner can be a matter of survival.

We will help you understand how to transform an organisation in a living and breathing organism capable of absorbing and process data, both soft and hard, organically evolving in this ever-changing ecosystem.

This workshop brings concepts of two edgy topics of Living Organisations and Data-Driven Organisations combining organic and artificial intelligence inside your company.

Hosted by Ruy Lopes, Head of Innovation and Ecosystem Engineer at Flying Rhino!

Participants will get

• Matrix to place their organisation into criteria of innovation, inclusiveness, organicity and diversity;

• Guides to diagnose the challenges

• Tools to model a step by step development plan from a rigid lifeless organisation to a fluid and full of life.

This workshop is brought to you by Thrive Village, a Happy Spaces program aiming to bring Global Innovation Mindset to Local Communities