Workshop – Human Centered Design

Creating solutions for problems and opportunities through the lens of the people that the solutions will serve is not only a good measure to maximizing adoption rates and minimizing development related costs, but also to really focus on the needs, contexts, behaviors, and emotions with minimum judgment from an out-of-context designer.

Being Human Centered means to have, practice and improve strategic empathy and systemic view. It is an extremely fun and potent mindset to adopt, not only for designers and other innovators but for everyone. It means to be organic and use your surroundings and every connection and relation as a source for problem-solving.

We will explore the basics of this mindset and its vast myriad of tools, frameworks, and exercises for boosting this set of competencies.

Hosted by Ruy Lopes, Head of Innovation and Ecosystem Engineer at Flying Rhino!

Participants will get
• Exercises for creativity;
• Exercises and framework to organize the mess caused by the creative exercises;
• Tools for modeling, validating and prototyping solutions

This workshop is brought to you by Thrive Village, a Happy Spaces program aiming to bring Global Innovation Mindset to Local Communities