Talk – New Ways of Thinking

Systems are changing and power is shifting both in the business and in the social context. Startups overtook giants and the very fabric of our society is being challenged.

We are in a transitional period and understanding how these new mindsets are formed and evolve is crucial.

Here we are bringing four delightful guests to share with us a bit of what the future holds and do we access and influence it.


Hosted by Ruy Lopes, Head of Innovation and Ecosystem Engineer at Flying Rhino
– Thomas Eckshmidt from Conscious Capitalism;
– Sara Rickards from Future Giving;
– Matt Lawrence from Happy Spaces;
– Cainã Rangel from Tribo, Purposeful Transformation;

This workshop is brought to you by Thrive Village, a Happy Spaces program aiming to bring Global Innovation Mindset to Local Communities