Melbourne Design Week 2019: Mobility and the City

The horseless carriage’ was once the name for the motor car. In 2017, 80-year-old Japanese car manufacturer Toyota announced that it was no longer an automotive company, but ‘a mobility company’. Around the same time, ‘Uber’ became accepted as a verb.

The convergence of ‘mobility-as-a-service’ with the shift away from the car as the dominant form of transport means a truly integrated multi-modal transportation system may soon become a reality. So what does this mean for those who design vehicles? And how will these new modes and systems of transport affect the design of the city?

As part of Melbourne Design Week 2019, FAB9 – Melbourne’s newest makerspace – is hosting a panel talk with industrial designers, urbanists, technologists and engineers about the future of mobility, and its impact on the city.

Peter Williams, Chief Edge Officer, Deloitte Centre for the Edge
Dr Mark Richardson, Lecturer Industrial Design, Monash University
Bree Trevena, Research / Foresight, Research + Innovation, Arup
Mark Neil Johnson, Senior interior designer, Ford; Mobility design lecturer, Monash University
Hans Chang (moderator), Founder & CEO, FAB9