Getting in the game: A workshop to get your startup off the ground

A workshop for founders of all stages to gain clarity on goals, an action plan, minimum viable product (MVP), and staying focused.

So, you’re ready to make some magic happen and bring your startup vision into action. Or maybe you’ve been building your startup for a while and need to shake it up and bring new life into the 2020 agenda. It’s time to get you in the game.

You’ll leave this session empowered with the knowledge and mindset to blast into 2020 with your startup. In this 60-min training, entrepreneur, passionate startup coach, sunshine-seeker and all-round go-getter, Kaylene Langford, is going to take you through:
• Gaining clarity on your idea and business model to decide which direction you should be taking
• Starting with an MVP, marketing tips, tricks and hacks to attract your first customers (and bringing $$$ to your startup)
• Tips for staying focused and motivated on the journey
• Mastering your founder mindset for your ultimate success