CTRL+N: Navigating the Great Resignation

You’ve probably heard of the Great Resignation — the pandemic-driven mass exodus that’s got company leaders bracing themselves for seismic shifts in the workforce.

The trend is likely to hit Australia – and startups and scaleups are the most vulnerable. With key roles being taken up by the most in demand jobs, leaders must be prepared in order to avoid the worst of the results.

So how can you put in a strategic hiring plan to achieve your planned scalability? How can you develop your own leadership skills to retain talent? And how can you drive a culture across the organisation to help you when the great resignation arrives?

To navigate these questions, we’re bringing on Dr. Zivit Inbar, Founder and CEO of DifferenThinking, an organisation that is committed to helping leaders reduce risks and increase success by unlocking the potential of their people, culture and innovation capabilities. With over 18 years of leadership experience at board and executive levels, Zivit has worked wit