Boring CPD: Design Thinking & Startup Methodology to Problem Solve at Work

Design thinking is a key tool used to address the changing needs of a business’ current and future business. By adopting this problem-focussed methodology, you’ll learn to assess and understand the problem(s) at hand, and arrive quickly at innovative solutions, all while continuously gaining buy-in from key stakeholders.

You’ll walk away with:

Introduction to design-thinking and startup methodologies

Online and in-person tools you can use to help facilitate similar sessions at your workplace

Key tools for diagnosing business problems

How to work through rapid idea generation

Who is this session suitable for?
Any professional in an organisation who wants to upskill on their problem solving skills.

For lawyers: Earn 2 CPD unit(s) in Professional Skills

This session is open to lawyers/practitioners from all states & territories who are looking to learn more about/work with players in the Australian startup ecosystem

*This session has limited capacity.