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Create Landing Pages That Convert

RSVP Essential: Please note that this is a paid event (AUD 300). A great homepage is not a display mantle. It’s your first impression. First impressions matter. The better your first impression the better return your customer acquisition efforts will yield. More than half of your traffic bounces from your homepage. Great landing page will almost always help your customer down the acquisition path. In this workshop we explore What makes for a great landing page. How to do competitive analysis for a great landing page. How to ideate your landing page. Generating your value proposition. Articulating your value proposition. Experimenting with your call to action. Assessing landing page conversions. How to improve your team culture for experimentation. Hosted by Ajay Chavda who is the co-founder of Weboptimizers, a digital agency which runs marketing campaigns for the likes of Luna Park, Melbourne Central, Lombard, Linen House, Novotel & hundreds of other Australian brands. Prerequisites None Requirement A laptop computer with WiFi access is required.

#StartWest September Meetup

Calling all entrepreneurs, innovators, startups and aspiring business owners!! This month you'll have the chance to hear and speak to amazing local founders and doers who have walked the talk. Come along to hear their stories. Learn. Get inspired! Theme: Local Stories Joining us for our 'Local Stories' our speakers will share the journey and insights on how they started out and what it takes to running a successful business, whilst maintaining family- work life balance.

Keys to Success

Is there a formula to success? Catapult have found the “Keys”. Come and get yours. For one day only, come prepared  and unlock your Keys to Success! In the past year, Catapult has analysed over 1,000 companies. Through this analysis, they have learnt so much about what makes a business great and not so great. Catapult have added these findings to a successful workshop series Keys to Success, creating a half-day event in partnership with Westpac, which is jam-packed with goodies. Join us and unlock your Keys to Success. Register today.

ClimateLaunchpad National Pitch Finals

Cleantech watcher, corporate green leader or general bright thinker? Join us at the ClimateLaunchpad National Pitch Final to watch the green wave unfold before your eyes. Step into the future where big data eliminates crop failure, finance systems incentivise sustainable investments and glue is made from algae instead of oil. For starters. ClimateLaunchpad is the world’s biggest cleantech and green business ideas competition. After months of rigorous training, intense coaching and regional pitch finals, our ClimateLaunchpad teams have finally reached the Australian National Finals. This is where it all comes together and you get to witness the country’s most viable green start-ups battle it out for a spot in the global finals. Their goal? Global climate impact. And winning of course. Be part of this green wave and join us at Fishburners in Sydney. ClimateLaunchpad: Fixing climate change, one start-up at a time Find out more about ClimateLaunchpad and read about the pitching teams at


SDNOW is an Asia-Pacific conference about design, strategy, ethics, and futures, hosted in 2019 by RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Together we're pushing the boundaries of Service Design, Strategic Design, Speculative Design, and other emerging practices – with speakers, facilitators, and artists bringing subversive thinking, new paradigms, and critical approaches that define how these practices grow.

Pivot LIVE - webinar-masterclass with Brian Solis

Masterclass with Brian Solis, author of "Lifescale". Hosted by Monty Hamilton, Partner for Digital Transformation, PwC Australia Are you struggling with focus, procrastination, anxiety, self-esteem, forgetfulness, or creativity? Somewhere along the way, we have become distracted. Maybe we don’t realise the extent to which our everyday rituals, favourite devices and apps, or where we focus our attention is affecting us. Get practical tips, tricks and insights directly from Brian Solis on how to be more efficient and productive in our technology driven world. From simple first steps to reclaiming your attention, to becoming more satisfied, inspired, and creative; this masterclass based on Brian's book, "Lifescale" will lead you through your own journey of lifescaling: redefining success on your own terms. Who’s in charge of your destiny? Is it you? If you find yourself unable to go longer than a few minutes without checking your phone, or falling victim to some other digital distraction, you aren’t alone.

Road Map to Starting-Up

This five-day event is designed to support everyday people to build and grow your own start-up or small business. Prepare to get your bright idea off the ground, step by step, at this essential business week program. There are no guarantees in business, but regularly it’s what you do before you start or launch a business that will ensure the best chances of business success. You will come away armed with practical tools and resources; expert tips and advice and a head start on where to access the right support to grow your business. Starting on Monday 22 July through to Friday 26 July from 9am – 5pm each day. Access $950 worth of business support for just $150. What’s included; • Opening Fireside chat with a group of entrepreneurs who have experienced the journey • 5 x Coworking Day Passes to get work done in a professional environment during the week • 5 x Masterclasses • 1 x Entrepreneur in Residence 1-on-1 session • 1 x Expert in Residence 1-on-1 session • 1 x Community Lunch and Learn • Winedown community drinks Day to Day Masterclass schedule: • Monday 22 July: Masterclass #1 – Kickstarting Your Business • Tuesday 23 July: Masterclass #2 – Understanding your Customers • Wednesday 24 July: Masterclass #3 – The Nuts & Bolts of your Business Structure + #StartWest Festival • Thursday 25 July: Masterclass #4 – Developing Your Business Growth Strategy and Value Proposition • Friday 26 July: Masterclass #5 – Legal Matters & Bring It All Together If you are an early stage startup founder or existing small business owner looking for guidance and direction and a community of like-minded people, this is for you! This program is made possible thanks to the generous support of Venture Melton.

Sprint Camp

Sprint Camp is focused on building a Design Sprint community of practice, where people can gain insight and knowledge from interacting with other practitioners. Agenda The schedule is oriented around two curated streams; the first with experiential sessions, where presenters can share their Design Sprint journeys and have open discussions with the attendees, along with a series of 'skills sessions' where practitioners can share tools and techniques. In parallel, the second stream will consist of a 'Sprint Jam’ mini-sprint, where we will run a compressed sprint for a number of teams to work through the process as far as possible. The rationale for the Sprint Jam is to both work on something for the social good as well as having the teams 'learn through doing'. Aimed at those involved in designing and developing software applications and covers the product management, marketing, customer relationship and management team as well as the UX/UI and developer communities.

Melbourne Conversations: Cybersecurity

The idea of strong borders pops up every week in Australian politics, but how strong are our digital borders? How strong should they be? And what does digital strength actually look like? Join us for this free Melbourne Conversations panel on cybersecurity. The session will include demonstrations and presentations covering cybersecurity matters from deep fakes to blockchain, followed by a Q&A session with the experts. Speakers: - Bruce Matthews - Director, Melbourne Joint Cyber Security Centre. - Skeeve Stevens - futurist and the co-founder of the Future Crime Agency, specialising in research into criminal use of cutting-edge technology. - Tamara Baker - 14-year-old coder who is developing an app for vision-impaired people. She was a MKW19 ambassador and is also a member of Code Like A Girl. - Hosted by Kirstin McIntosh - Head of Partnerships, CyRise, Australia’s cybersecurity venture accelerator.

Global Table

Global Table is a brand-new food innovation and agribusiness event in Australia that will advance the global conversation on the future of food by bringing together people from every level of the agrifood supply chain. Taking place this September 2019 in Melbourne, Australia, Global Table examines the entire food supply chain and the industries that surround it, from farmgate to consumer, logistics, trade and more. The purpose of the event is to uncover ways to make this system smarter and more sustainable, with a focus on collaboration.

Bendigo Invention + Innovation Festival

The Be.Bendigo Invention + Innovation Festival (BIIF) is a week-long series of events that promote innovative ways of thinking and doing business, while challenging the dialogue around the future of regional Australia. BIIF showcases regional entrepreneurs, helps build a community around innovation and technology in regional areas, and connects regional business owners to national and global thought leaders in innovation, entrepreneurship and future tech.

The Investible Games

Are you tired of having your Startups value determined by a pitch? Investible Games, is not a demo day nor a hackathon. We throw the traditional startup competition to the wind by diving deeper than your just your pitch. Unlike most accelerator programs we take zero equity for participating and much less time to deliver the content in the most impactful way we know how – by tackling the challenges together! What are the Investible Games? Tough Mudder meets accelerator, where 12 innovative companies will be undertaking 12 Challenges over 3 days. The Investible Games, enrolls high potential founders to take part in specific exercises to deep dive into team dynamic, market opportunity, understanding of their industry, business model, traction all in front of business and industry leaders, corporate innovators and potential investors. At the end of an immersive three days, you walk away with valuable IP, new connections and a possible seed investment. About Investible Investible is an early-stage investment group that provides high potential founders the financial, human and intellectual capital needed to scale. Along with over 70+ investment, including being first money in Canva, Ipsy and Brandless, we are proud to have successfully facilitated over 100 early stage business acceleration and corporate innovation initiatives across Australia and South East Asia, including our flagship event, The Investible Games. Get your foot in the door by completing our founder friendly application:

Beginners Coding Workshop - DjangoGirls

DjangoGirls, a female-focused beginners coding workshop for adults in Django/Python!! DjangoGirls curate amazing first experiences with technology and help people fall in love with programming. Melb Django Girls coding workshop is your opportunity to learn how to code in a safe & supportive environment, we encourage applications from all women, trans and non-binary people. ## The workshop Each participant will work amongst their peers, supported by numerous mentors, to complete the Django based tutorials from open source DjangoGirls materials. All you need to bring is a laptop and a learning mindset! The format of the tutorials is a self-guided coding workshop, including instructions, with the available help of mentors who work in the Melbourne tech space. Throughout the day, you'll also be able to discuss the tech and the industry with mentors - particularly valuable for job seekers and career changes! ## The Application Process Head to the DjangoGirls website to learn more and to begin your application today! ## Mentors - we need you! We are always looking to encourage developers in the community to home in on their django/python and soft skills by attending the workshop.

Supercharge your B2B Growth Engine with Account Based Marketing

Need to close larger deals faster? Not getting enough quality leads for your sales team? Everyone’s talking about Inbound marketing but it’s not working for your B2B business? That’s why we decided to have an event on Account-Based Marketing. When it comes to B2B Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is the hottest topic around because, when executed right, it WORKS. Companies of all sizes, in all industries, are closing bigger deals faster and more efficiently by implementing ABM strategies in their growth plans. 👉🏾 Here’s what You’ll Learn 👈🏼 - Why inbound marketing’s ROI is going down and what to do about it? - What is Account-Based Marketing - Evaluation of different types of ABM - List building and tiering your accounts - Designs a sequence for your campaign - Overview of an ABM tool stack 👉🏾 Who should attend 👈🏼 - CEOs, CMOs, or Heads of Sales & Marketing seeking larger deals, shorter sales cycles, higher margins, and greater customer retention and upsell - Marketers growing B2B brands - Business owners and entrepreneurs in the B2B space 🎙Who’s the speaker: Shahin Hoda Shahin is the Founder of xGrowth, an agency of helping B2B technology firms build and maintain predictable, revenue-focused growth engines. Shahin and his team work with brands like VicRoads, Byte and Village Roadshow, maximising their marketing efforts with great results. It’s free to attend, so why not take an hour or two out of your evening to learn some things that change how you think about LinkedIn advertising (and change your business for the better as a result)? When: Thursday, April 23l Where: Academy Xi Agenda: 6:00pm - 6:30pm: Arrival and Networking 6:30pm - 7:30pm: Presentation 7:30pm - 7:45pm: Q&A 7:45pm onwards: Networking Location: Academy Xi Melbourne - Level 3, 45 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Girls In Tech - Catalyst Conference

The Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference is a can’t miss opportunity to get amped about your career and meet the community of people who can help get you where you want to go. No matter who you are. Featuring high-energy keynotes, inclusive panel discussions, and breakout sessions led by leaders at the forefront of the technology and business sectors, attendees will walk away with tactical skills, the know-how to navigate the twists and turns of their careers, and a genuine community full of role models, mentors, and new friends. It all happens in Melbourne, Australia, on May 15-16. Catalyst welcomes everyone - from software engineers, product marketers, human resources pros, investors, college students, data scientists, digital marketers, startup founders, and more. Studies show two of the biggest reasons people drop out of tech careers are the lack of role models and mentors. At Catalyst, we offer both, and then some. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to change careers, Catalyst is for people ready to take the next step in their personal and professional lives.

Workshop - Soul Work

The world has never been more connected and disconnected. There are more ways than ever to communicate, with exponential growth of information and digital systems. Everything is moving faster, making slowing down a challenge in our personal and professional lives. Finding presence in a world that spends most of its time and energy focus on what has happened and what might happen can be overwhelming, exhausting and distract us from the only thing we really have; the present moment. As businesses become more aware of their impact, the movement towards purposeful practices has gathered momentum. But these organisations are not immune to the challenges all of us face in the pace of this new world. Join us for a practical human experience that gives insight and tools on how to remain connected to yourself, others and your environment in this ever-evolving world. Hosted by Founder of Happy Spaces, Matty Lawrence What you'll get; • Stimulus to discover purpose • Ways of making work a part of life • Methods for awareness, presence and flow • Practical tools to integrate daily rituals and habits === This workshop is brought to you by Thrive Village, a Happy Spaces program aiming to bring Global Innovation Mindset to Local Communities

Talk - The Power of Stories

Reclaiming your own power and truth is an absolute hard task. Breaking mindsets and models are not a path to walk alone. We will be learning from people that went down this road and now are beacons of inspiration. === Hosted by Ruy Lopes, Head of Innovation and Ecosystem Engineer at Flying Rhino; Guests - TBA; === This talk is brought to you by Thrive Village, a Happy Spaces program aiming to bring Global Innovation Mindset to Local Communities

Workshop - Intergenerational Entrepreneurship

Over the last couple of years, entrepreneurship has been aligned with young professionals and technological development. This allowed entrepreneurs to create many agile solutions and mindsets. However, at the same time, we created a shell missing maturity and in-depth competence. This workshop is for everybody who is interested to discover the profoundness of this missing shell. However, we specifically targeted people with age of 50+. We aim to create an environment where the participant will be able to experience new mindsets and techniques for problem solving and entrepreneurship in today’s evolving landscape. Hosted by Ruy Lopes, Head of Innovation and Ecosystem Engineer at Flying Rhino! === Participants will get • Exercises of creativity; • Frameworks to explore and frame problems and solutions; • Techniques and tools of modeling and prototyping solutions; • A load of entrepreneurial skills; === This workshop is brought to you by Thrive Village, a Happy Spaces program aiming to bring Global Innovation Mindset to Local Communities

Talk - Harnessing Intergenerational Potential

For the first time in modern human history, we have five generations working side by side to navigate these transitional times we are facing. We will be meeting with inspiring people from around the world who are tapping into this unharvested opportunity created from the intergenerational friction and diversity. === Hosted by Ruy Lopes, Head of Innovation and Ecosystem Engineer at Flying Rhino; Guests - Sergio Serapião - Lab 60+ (Brazil); - Anna Laeser - Impact Hub Berlin / Rebels League (Germany); - Danielle Stewart - My Word (Australia); === This talk is brought to you by Thrive Village, a Happy Spaces program aiming to bring Global Innovation Mindset to Local Communities

Workshop - Storytelling as a Tool for Change

To tell a story is to touch someone’s soul. Powerful storytelling not only teaches but changes people. It is a connection capable of challenging beliefs. Every time you listen to someone’s story you become a part of it and it of you creating an empathy bridge. We will explore the power of storytelling for connection and collaboration and how to become a storyteller. Hosted by Mariam Issa Speaker, Author, Storyteller, Community Builder. At age 30, Mariam Issa moved to a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, from her Somali homeland with her husband, four children and a fifth on the way. Far away from the tight communities and families in Somalia, Mariam found herself in a foreign country that had a foreign language and a foreign culture. Learn more about her here Tickets === This workshop is brought to you by Thrive Village, a Happy Spaces program aiming to bring Global Innovation Mindset to Local Communities

Talk - Doing it Right

Change comes with action! What lies beyond the planning, validating and prototyping is what separates promises from deliveries! We will be meeting with entrepreneurs from all over the world that are delivering their promises in the most spectacular ways. === Hosted by Ruy Lopes, Head of Innovation and Ecosystem Engineer at Flying Rhino; Guests - Geraldine and Francesca - Amani Institute (Kenya, Brasil); - More to be announced === This talk is brought to you by Thrive Village, a Happy Spaces program aiming to bring Global Innovation Mindset to Local Communities

Workshop - Living Organisations

In times of accelerated changes being a fast learner can be a matter of survival. We will help you understand how to transform an organisation in a living and breathing organism capable of absorbing and process data, both soft and hard, organically evolving in this ever-changing ecosystem. This workshop brings concepts of two edgy topics of Living Organisations and Data-Driven Organisations combining organic and artificial intelligence inside your company. Hosted by Ruy Lopes, Head of Innovation and Ecosystem Engineer at Flying Rhino! === Participants will get • Matrix to place their organisation into criteria of innovation, inclusiveness, organicity and diversity; • Guides to diagnose the challenges • Tools to model a step by step development plan from a rigid lifeless organisation to a fluid and full of life. === This workshop is brought to you by Thrive Village, a Happy Spaces program aiming to bring Global Innovation Mindset to Local Communities

Talk - New Ways of Thinking

Systems are changing and power is shifting both in the business and in the social context. Startups overtook giants and the very fabric of our society is being challenged. We are in a transitional period and understanding how these new mindsets are formed and evolve is crucial. Here we are bringing four delightful guests to share with us a bit of what the future holds and do we access and influence it. === Hosted by Ruy Lopes, Head of Innovation and Ecosystem Engineer at Flying Rhino Guests - Thomas Eckshmidt from Conscious Capitalism; - Sara Rickards from Future Giving; - Matt Lawrence from Happy Spaces; - Cainã Rangel from Tribo, Purposeful Transformation; === This workshop is brought to you by Thrive Village, a Happy Spaces program aiming to bring Global Innovation Mindset to Local Communities

Workshop - Human Centered Design

Creating solutions for problems and opportunities through the lens of the people that the solutions will serve is not only a good measure to maximizing adoption rates and minimizing development related costs, but also to really focus on the needs, contexts, behaviors, and emotions with minimum judgment from an out-of-context designer. Being Human Centered means to have, practice and improve strategic empathy and systemic view. It is an extremely fun and potent mindset to adopt, not only for designers and other innovators but for everyone. It means to be organic and use your surroundings and every connection and relation as a source for problem-solving. We will explore the basics of this mindset and its vast myriad of tools, frameworks, and exercises for boosting this set of competencies. Hosted by Ruy Lopes, Head of Innovation and Ecosystem Engineer at Flying Rhino! === Participants will get • Exercises for creativity; • Exercises and framework to organize the mess caused by the creative exercises; • Tools for modeling, validating and prototyping solutions === This workshop is brought to you by Thrive Village, a Happy Spaces program aiming to bring Global Innovation Mindset to Local Communities

Talk - Human Centered Innovation

Design is to translate expectations into reality. Human Centered Design, when done right, allows us to create clever, powerful and impactful solutions. This morning we will go deeper into this mindset and understand its importance in this ever-changing landscape called society! Hosted by Ruy Lopes, Head of Innovation and Ecosystem Engineer at Flying Rhino; Guests joining online - Lucas Coelho, Head of Design at ROAM (Brazil/New Zealand); - Anna Laeser from Impact Hub Berlin and Rebels League (Germany); - Arturo Ortega, TCUX (Mexico); === This talk is brought to you by Thrive Village, a Happy Spaces program aiming to bring Global Innovation Mindset to Local Communities

Workshop - Futurescaping

Identify and navigate future scenarios in a context where change is gaining more power and speed with new technologies could be tricky but also could be that edge of competitiveness you and your organization need. This workshop will help you to identify, understand and influence systems and scenarios as you uphold the pioneer mindset. Solving complex problems and doing big leaps demands a special kind of muscle that we will train here. Hosted by Ruy Lopes, Head of Innovation and Ecosystem Engineer at Flying Rhino! === Participants will get • Techniques to identify and map systems; • Exercises to boost creativity and problem-solving mindset; • The scavenger’s toolkit – A set of “gadgets” that will help you identify, explore and model opportunities and paths for the strategy === This workshop is brought to you by Thrive Village, a Happy Spaces program aiming to bring Global Innovation Mindset to Local Communities

Talk - Deep Innovation

New tech accelerates newer tech. It took humanity 3000 years to get from the horse to the car and less than 60 years after that, we touched the moon. We will approach different ways on which AI and other upcoming technologies can change the future regarding not only businesses but our daily life. === Hosted by Ruy Lopes, Head of Innovation and Ecosystem Engineer at Flying Rhino; Guests - Tobias Straub from Cambrian AI (Germany/India); - Anderson Penha from the European Institute of Design (Brazil); - Arturo Ortega, TCUX (Mexico); === This talk is brought to you by Thrive Village, a Happy Spaces program aiming to bring Global Innovation Mindset to Local Communities

Lunch & Learn: Meeting your Fair Work & Worksafe Obligations

We all know the importance of managing staff and running a company, but do you really understand the legal responsibilities that come with that? Enter Employsure, helping small to medium businesses by providing customised expert advice, documentation and solutions across employment relations and work health and safety. CreativeCubes.Co has partnered with Employsure to bring you a complimentary lunch and learn which will focus on Fair Work & Worksafe Obligations that impact employers in the workplace. Key areas covered in this session include: > Bullying and harassment > Managing leave > How to performance manage > Avoid unfair dismissal claims > Key employee entitlements and > Recent Fair Work Act changes Register now and please let us know of any dietary requirements. More information about Employsure can be found at

Melbourne Design Week 2019: Mobility and the City

The horseless carriage’ was once the name for the motor car. In 2017, 80-year-old Japanese car manufacturer Toyota announced that it was no longer an automotive company, but 'a mobility company'. Around the same time, 'Uber' became accepted as a verb. The convergence of ‘mobility-as-a-service’ with the shift away from the car as the dominant form of transport means a truly integrated multi-modal transportation system may soon become a reality. So what does this mean for those who design vehicles? And how will these new modes and systems of transport affect the design of the city? As part of Melbourne Design Week 2019, FAB9 - Melbourne's newest makerspace - is hosting a panel talk with industrial designers, urbanists, technologists and engineers about the future of mobility, and its impact on the city. Speakers Peter Williams, Chief Edge Officer, Deloitte Centre for the Edge Dr Mark Richardson, Lecturer Industrial Design, Monash University Bree Trevena, Research / Foresight, Research + Innovation, Arup Mark Neil Johnson, Senior interior designer, Ford; Mobility design lecturer, Monash University Hans Chang (moderator), Founder & CEO, FAB9

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Masterclass#9 - Simple Techniques to Assess Market & Competition

In order to succeed, a startup must properly understand their market. First by assessing the attractiveness of their startup to the market, and then understanding the potential market size and the behaviours required to succeed in that market. Standing out also means understanding your competition. Market research can prepare you for evolving markets and prevent your business from being overshadowed by your direct competitors. Gather information about competing products and services, pricing, positioning and branding, and market reputation. Determine your own competitive advantage based on this information. Here’s a sample of some of the topics we’ll discuss: Importance of knowing your customer Simple techniques and tools for assessing your market and competition Market validation process and defining your unique proposition This masterclass is for entrepreneurs who want to: Gain greater knowledge of their market and customers Learn about market research tools and resources Register for this masterclass to learn how to gain a clear understanding of your market and competition. MASTERCLASS MASTER: Jeanette Cheah is Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of The Hacker Exchange, a global, tertiary-accredited program connecting curious entrepreneurs to opportunities in Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and beyond. She is the co-creator of the Gingerbread Demolition non-profit event for Save the Children Australia, and has spoken at or created events for General Assembly, SXSW, Google Launchpad, and Melbourne Knowledge Week to name a few. Jeanette was also listed in Smart Company’s International Women's Day Showcase, 2018. With a background in economics, sociology, marketing and UX design, Jeanette loves blending the excitement of the startup world with the power of the business world, and believes the best results come from diversity of thinking and a 'never stop learning' mindset.

Masterclass#10 - Minimum viable brand

To define a brand, we have to start with the target audience. The Minimum Viable Brand (MVB) framework is used to quickly identify the purpose, promise and positioning of the business. In this Masterclass, we’ll prototype a MVB and cover how brands shape design for your business. MASTERCLASS MASTER: Jordan Gian is a designer and thought provoker - But mostly a creative entrepreneur. With a background in Design Jordan unknowingly used many Human Centered Design methods in setting up 15 SME's before his 25th birthday. Jordan's time is split between design commitments for leading global brands, running ecom businesses, Hospitality venues and consulting on strategy and innovation. If we can’t find him, we start looking at the beach or in the mountains. Register for any iHarvest Meetup or Masterclass and receive a complimentary mentoring session with one of the VU Entrepreneurs in Residence (VU EIRs).

LaunchVic 2018 Community End of Year Celebration

It’s been a huge year for the Victorian startup community, and we have so much to celebrate! LaunchVic are bringing the community together to reflect on the year that was; our successes, learnings and experiences that have shaped an unforgettable year for our community. Together, we've gone from strength to strength and grown a world-class ecosystem of entrepreneurs, startups and creatives that we can all be proud of. Please join the LaunchVic community for an evening of celebration, reflection and the sharing of our favourite moments that have made 2018 so memorable. Tickets are free, however, all guests are required to register.

Social Impact Business Meet-Up: Wed 28th Nov

Matthew Boyd of Vollie, Steve Schmidt of BRM Projects and Rob Rankin of Rankin Business Lawyers are meeting with other BCorps (current and aspiring) for business networking. Wednesday 28th Nov will be the fifth of our regular fortnightly meetings and we'd love to have you or someone from your organisation join us. The session will be chaired and all attendees will have a couple of minutes to explain what they do and how others in the room might be able to help them and their business. NB: Coffee will be available at the venue

Can technology solve the problem of medication non-adherence?

Non-adherence to medicines is a major health care problem and a significant $ burden on healthcare. Non-adherence results in reduced effectiveness of prescribed medicines leading to potential patient death. Technology has the potential to help people manage their medication use, cut costs, and ultimately – prolong lives. Do you have a tech solution to this major problem? Are you interested in investing in tech that manages medication use? At this event we get the clinician, pharma and technologist prospective on the gravity of the problem and understand some of the medication adherence strategies that support effective medication management. Learn about adherence and compliance apps from startups that have been used at Pfizer and how startups can engage effectively with Pfizer Healthcare Hub. More information about our speakers here:

ICO 2020: Should there be an alternative regulatory framework for ICOs?

Will ICOs flourish in the current regulatory landscape or should an alternative framework be developed? In 2013, Mastercoin created the first public token sale, commonly now known as an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). It was to raise funds for its project and raise funds, it did! Delivering millions of dollars worth of bitcoin in the first hour, its success inspired projects around the world to use this model for capital raising. In the first quarter of 2018, $6.3 billion USD was raised, which was more than the amount raised in the entire year of 2017. This boom has ignited governments around the world to take notice and develop frameworks around this type of investment. ICOs have been criticised because of the fraudulent behaviour of some and because investors do not have the right protection. Regulatory guidelines are inconsistent between countries with nations such as China and South Korea banning ICOs completely. Here in Australia, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) has issued an information sheet for ICOs but is it adequate and fair? Does it allow for the innovation of this new financial model and provide protection of investors? Join us at the Intersekt Festival for a thrilling discussion with blockchain experts on how they envision ICOs in 2020. John Bassilios of Hall & Wilcox will present on the current landscape and then a panel (including Nick Giurietto from the Australian Digital Commerce Association) will provide their insights. You will hear from representatives that have expertise in working with ICOs and the current regulatory framework and panellists that have completed ICOs. Speakers: John Bassilios, Hall & Wilcox John has broad experiences in financial services, funds management, blockchain, corporate and commercial law, with a particular emphasis on funds management related matters. He has advised financial services providers on all aspects of managed investments schemes, AFSL and ACL licensing, disclosure requirements, and ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements. More recently John has taken a keen interest in blockchain related matters and gained significant experience advising on, and establishing, crypto currency funds, reviewing Whitepapers for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and Securities Token Offerings (STO) and advising on the establishment of cryptocurrency exchanges. John is currently a mentor for the RMIT Blockchain Strategy Course. Nick Giurietto, Australian Digital Commerce Association Nick was responsible for the development of the Australian Digital Currency Code of Conduct which establishes best practice standards for digital currency businesses in Australia and has been modeled in other countries. Nick has worked with the Australian Government on issues including the taxation treatment of digital currencies, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing regulations and identifying use cases for deployment of blockchain solutions within government. Nick is a member of the Standards Australia Technical Committee on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Standards and a participant in the International Standards Organisation Study Group on Identity on the Blockchain. Susan Dart Susan Dart has over 30 years of experience with software companies starting out as a software engineer and evolving into Executive roles. She spent 17 years in USA including working with Silicon Valley start-ups. Susan’s participated in numerous IPO’s (Initial Public Offerings) for software companies and ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) for blockchain start-ups. Currently, Susan consults with companies in assisting them with their blockchain business models and solutions as well as providing ICO advice and mentoring blockchain start-ups. Her Master’s Degree is from Carnegie-Mellon University USA and her Batchelor’s Degree with Distinction is from RMIT. She has two books published along with over 40 papers. Akasha Indream, IoMob Engagement Director at IoMob, Co-founder of Blockchain Cities Alliance, Community Ambassador for AllRights, Advisory Board of BLOCK LOAN, and Australian Communications Lead for NEM. Akasha also publishes MissBlockchain and manages Telegram's largest exclusive community of women in blockchain, WIBI (Women in Blockchain International Impact). She is also involved in the establishment of women's business networking platform Femergy. Michael Lebbon, emmi Michael has over 10 years’ experience in the climate finance and carbon trading industry. Being a CFA® charterholder Michael has been able to combine his financial skills with his passion around action on climate change to use markets and finance to deliver real carbon emission reductions. Michael has a wealth of knowledge and experience across the climate finance and carbon trading industry, this includes creating and trading the first Australian Carbon Credit Unit under Australia’s Clean Energy Future policy through to helping guide industry led carbon trading policies. Discussions with various blockchain experts led Michael to realise that central governments were no longer the key to achieving real action on climate change, rather a truly distributed solution was possible. Out of these discussions emmi was born. Food and Drinks provided $2 of every ticket sold will go to The Big Umbrella Foundation, an organisation working with those affected by human rights abuses, exploitation, forced labour and homelessness.

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Startmate Office Hours- 1:1 mentoring from Australia's leading Entrepreneurs and VC's

Startmate is running a new initiative that opens up the Startmate Mentor network for free Office Hours to reach and support as many founders as possible. Office Hours is an amazing opportunity for startups to receive 1:1 mentorship from Australia’s leading Entrepreneurs and VC’s Office Hours is free, but by application so we can match you to the most suitable mentor. Applications close at 5 pm on the 1st of November. Let us help you supercharge your startup!

Different Funding Options And What To Expect

Raising funds is crucial to the success of a start-up or scale-up. There are varied ways you can raise funds in today's market – venture capital, crowdsourcing and peer to peer lending for example, each having a different impact on your business. Whatever you decide, the intricate details of funding options and investor requirements can be overwhelming. This session will be a panel discussion on the basics of these different ways of fundraising, as well as a discussion on which path is best for different businesses. Panel: • Venture Capital funding (Kurt Tiam, DLA Piper Melbourne Corporate) • Crowdfunding expert (Nick Motteram from On Market) • P2P lending expert (Tim Dean, Credi & Board Member of FinTech Aus) This is a satellite seminar as part of the Intersekt Festival 2018.

Startup Storytelling

Do you find it hard to get your startup noticed? Struggling to explain your startup to others? Effectively telling the story of your business is critical to the success of any startup (and any investment rounds you may be trying to raise!). Join us for Startup Storytelling, a workshop presented by Kate Dinon and co-hosted by One Roof and the Swinburne Innovation Precinct.

  • Wed 26 Sep, 5:00pm
  • One Roof
  • Swinburne Innovation Precinct

Venture Cup Info & How To Pitch

Applications for Swinburne’s Venture Cup competition kick off this month. This is a great opportunity, with $20K in prize money and 1-on-1 coaching from venture capitalists on offer. Come along to this info session and learn how to develop a pitch that will help you stand out from the crowd. This session is a must for anyone interested in applying for Swinburne’s Venture Cup.

Live Podcast — Towards Meaningful Work

Humans of Purpose has featured some incredible Humans doing meaningful and purpose-driven work across the business, social enterprise, community, philanthropic and government sectors. A common theme has emerged from our guests and listeners - the pursuit of purpose-driven and meaningful work. But how do we pursue meaningful work as people and design for meaningful work as organisations? What are the conditions that will enable us to flourish at work? Live podcast Join Mike Davis, with special guest Charlie Simson for an exclusive Humans of Purpose Live Podcast event as they discuss these important questions and unearth the practical strategies to help us move towards meaningful work. What to expect In our classically authentic and candid style of Humans of Purpose conversations, we will hear from Charlie about her life, professional story, and her work as Head of Flourishing at Bellroy. Centering the discussion around purpose, you will learn: Practical ways of finding a more meaningful work life How to inspire others to flourish What an individual needs to enjoy work How modern organisations can create an environment that encourages meaningful work for its people You'll get to... Come to the Humans of Purpose studio (where all of our episodes are recorded) Listen to the conversation before it’s published for the general public on our channels Participate in a Q&A with Charlie and Mike that will make its way onto the podcast recording Access to the BTS of a Humans of Purpose podcast recording Hang out over a few drinks and chats before/after recording! A nourshing, healthy and easy eating menu will be provided by the wonderful and local health food producing Keep it Simple by Shani Timms. Tea and coffee will be provided along with the customary single malt whiskey, wines and beer. Charlie Simson Charlie is Head of Flourishing at Bellroy (still the best job title we have ever heard of), with a portfolio that overlooks hiring, development, and most importantly personal growth. Her work is centered on creating organisations and systems that support and enable people to feel great and perform at their best, best described in her own words: “Flourishing means feeling well, doing well and contributing to doing good. In other words, we strive to make sure that working at Bellroy enriches the lives of our staff and supports them tobe happy, resilient, connected, productive and to have a meaningful impact on the world.” She brings over 10 years of experience from education policy and a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology, and is an expert at translating research evidence into practical policy solutions. She is a former Humans of Purpose guest (check out her episode here), has been a speaker at The Purpose Conference 2018, NewCo Melbourne 2017, and many more interesting events! You can read more about Charlie on her recent feature on The Cool Career. Follow Charlie on Twitter: @CharlieSimson Chance to win By being one of the first 10 to purchase a ticket to this event, you will also have the chance to win one mentoring/coaching session with Charlie Simson worth $200. The winner will be announced on the night. Our host, Mike Davis Mike is creator and host of the popular Humans of Purpose podcast, where each week he hosts conversations with senior leaders from Australia’s business, startup and social purpose sectors. He is Founder and Managing Director of award-winning Social Impact Consultancy and B Corp Purposeful. He is also a Director at SIMNA, Australia’s peak social impact measurement body. Mike is a compelling and inspiring speaker, who challenges the status quo and asks the audience to engage with the deeper questions behind business and community. Follow Mike on Twitter: @mikedav84 Questions? If you’ve got any questions about this event, get in touch with us through e-mail ( or on social media, @humansofpurpose on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Masterclass: Integrating Strategy & Social Impact

Join Mike Davis, Managing Director of Purposeful for a Masterclass on Integrating Strategy & Social Impact. This session is ideal for CEOs, Executives and Managers. Why “We want to make the case that doing good is doing well. By fostering practices that are focused on mission, purpose, and growth, you can have a really healthy and purpose driven workplace that supports its people and all its stakeholders.” - Mike Davis, Managing Director (Purposeful) Benefits Attending this Masterclass will provide the following benefits: Better engagement and buy-in from staff, managers and board Better positioning for funding, grants, sponsorship and tenders Improved messaging, communication with key stakeholders Stronger ability to form meaningful business and community partnerships Enhanced relationships with customers, clients and beneficiaries Outcomes The Masterclass will cover the following: How a social impact approach to strategy can help your business thrive Explore the key challenges and share approaches of participants Explain a phased approach to integrating social impact into strategy Discuss examples from the field of where this has led to better outcomes Workshop examples of how this can be applied in your workplace Impact You will walk out of this session, with clarity around: How you can do social impact more effectively at your workplace How to get the most out of your strategy in its design and implementation Things you need to do to enable effective integration at your workplace Key contacts, resources and networks to enable your strategic and social impact work The networks, tools and resources that you can combine to integrate social impact into strategy Format A quality light breakfast along with tea and coffee will be provided. The format of the Masterclass is participatory, informal and intended to lead to shared experiences and to new connections. This session is limited in size to 20 participants to ensure an optimal learning, sharing and connecting experience. Presenter Mike Davis is the Managing Director of Purposeful, an award-winning B Corp and social impact consultancy. Purposeful has worked with not for profits, government departments and corporate clients enabling them to create, measure and communicate their social impact and to enhance their strategy in the process. His clients have included King & Wood Mallesons, DHHS-Victoria, TaskForce Community Agency, ScriptWise, Power of Engineering, i=Change and more. His recent keynote presentation to the Better Boards Conference 2018 on "Impact Strategy 2.0: Creating Social Impact & Strategic Outcomes" was heard by over 200 executives and directors. Feedback "A well paced and structured presentation with great content, practical examples and insight to support the strategy and program direction of our organisation." - Better Boards Conference 2018 Attendees If you have any questions about this session, get in touch with us!

Subscribed Melbourne

Subscribed is the only global conference dedicated to recurring revenue-based business models, bringing together the disruptors, innovators and leaders of the Subscription Economy to share war stories, inspire successes and learn from one anothers' shared experiences. TO ATTEND YOU MUST REGISTER AT We're excited to announce that we will be joined by Deloitte and PWC to speak about how companies are making the switch to recurring revenue, understanding their customers better, and delivering amazing customer experiences without compromising their business processes and revenue recognition. Join us for the most comprehensive conference on Subscription and recurring business models for insights into: - The Subscription Metrics to assess your business against; - Methods for growing your top line and reducing churn; - How to transform your business from focusing on product, to focusing on your customer; - Implementing usage based pricing models to increase ARPU and Customer Satisfaction; - Tales from the leaders in the subscription economy; - Revenue Recognition Automation Lunch hosted by PWC; and of course - A few drinks and networking (Hosted by GoCardless) We look forward to seeing you at the event!