UprAsia HealthTech Founder Education Programme – Elevate your Startup’s Asia Readiness

Are you the Founder of a HealthTech Startup who needs to work on your Business Plan and Strategy for Asian markets?
Do you recognise that Asian markets offer vast opportunity but don’t know how to get there? Uprasia has the program designed just for you.

The ACHA Uprasia program is designed to help Startup Founders understand Asian markets and develop strategies and relationships to enter markets with optimal productive relationships.
UprAsia is a series of evening workshops held weekly over an 8-week period and is designed to be accessible while your business is incubating, accelerating or simply operating.
UprAsia will:
– Build a usable and practical understanding of Asian business culture – not just business etiquette
– Develop a deep understanding of Asian markets to build solid and real understanding of Asian market opportunities, risks and optimal market access pathways
– Provide Asian masterclasses that align with and build on your knowledge gained from Incubators and Accelerators
– Connect Startups with Asian angel and VC funds, commercial partners and market channels