The glo project – 8 week global thinking program

​The glo program matches Students with Startups to join the Startup business for a 2 month “Think Global” program where the business and Students learn together and from each other.
Key concepts
– glo for students and is NOT an internship. Instead, students become part of the business team for the duration of the program and are not in a subordinate role.
– glo for Startups gives enthusiastic, engaged and skilled team members from around the world to help them develop their product or service design and branding. Learn from global citizens how to fine tune product and service design, branding and protection of your Startup business in global markets before you go.
– glo provides experienced mentors who can help you rapidly develop a global strategy, worldview and market connections in an amazing program.
– glo includes networking, mentorship, entrepreneurship training.
– Did we mention it is a hugely enjoyable experience?

Apply now
Program starts 30th July 2019
Weekly Program seminars and workshops every Tuesday evening for 8 weeks.