UI Components for beginners ⚡️

What is the secret of a good front-end developer? It’s their kit of UI components they can call on to build beautiful interfaces!

In this workshop, we will code some of the most common components and have a deep look into reusability. Think Buttons, Cards, Banners and Navs.

By the end of the workshop you will:
️ ⚡️ Be able to identify components on a webpage
⚡️ Be able to code your own components
⚡️ Understand when and how to separate a design into components.

This workshop is a great primer for designers wanting to better understand how to design in a developer-friendly way and those looking for an introduction to key CSS and HTML concepts. It will be a very hands-on workshop, so come prepared to get to work! It has something for completely beginners up to those with some base knowledge.

️For this workshop, you will need:
– A fully charged laptop
– A text editor such as Sublime or VS Code (https://www.sublimetext.com/3)

Looking forward to seeing you!
Le Wagon team