Introduction (part.2) to Ruby ⚡

Get even more Ruby skills, one of the most popular back-end languages, in just two hours!

Many tech companies have chosen Ruby to build their application: Airbnb, GitHub, SoundCloud, Kickstarter, Basecamp, Shopify… In this workshop, we will be covering the trickier data types (arrays & hashes), working with these data types, and creating a small Ruby app for the terminal.

By the end of the workshop you will:️
⚡️ Have an understanding of arrays & hashes
⚡️ Have built a small Ruby app on the terminal
⚡️ Be able to code simple algorithms in Ruby

Ruby is a beginner-friendly language so do not hesitate to take the jump 🚀 This workshop is the second part of the introduction – it’s even better if you attended the first one but if you didn’t, you are still very welcome 💪

Make sure to come with your computer fully charged and please download Sublime Text ( prior to the workshop 🧪

Looking forward to seeing you!
Le Wagon Melbourne