HQ Tech Tank – Mobility

AI, Big Data, Self-Driving, Mixed Reality and IoT are hot buzzwords that you need to know. But what do these disruptive technologies really mean for us and the future that we’re creating?

To uncover the real-world implications of these technologies, Hatch Quarter brings the HQ Tech Tank, an event series that aims to explain how emerging technologies apply to specific industries and elements of everyday life.

We’re kicking off the series by diving deep into the latest advancements in power storage, shared economy models, AI, connectivity and Fuelling in Mobility to envision how people will get from point A to B in a faster, cheaper, and more environmentally sustainable manner.

The purpose of the series is to equip you with insight into the technologies affecting you so you could identify how they could replace old models or coexist with them.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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