Blockchain + Supply Chain – POC, MVP – What’s It Mean To Me?

Join us in this fast-paced-rapid-fire set of presentations where Government, Education and Enterprise sectors are all represented.
About this Event

Supply chain consortiums and collaborations need partners.
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Learn and connect with industry leaders:

Professor Jason Potts – Director of RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub
Chris Morley – Senior Advisor at Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade)
Steve Sammartino – Australia’s #1 Futurist
Daks Ganaratne – VP Supply Chain & Logistics Association Australia
Gendry Morales – Co-Founder at
Joni Pirovich – Hall & Wilcox Lawyers
Nathan Huppatz – Co-Founder &
Kiersten Jowett – Co-Founder at Proof of Location Alliance
Mark Dingley – CEO Matthews Australasia
Steve Vallas – Blockchain APAC Founder


Blockchain + Supply Chain. These two phrases are becoming synonymous.

Nearly all of the world’s leading companies run supply chain management software.

From connected manufacturing equipment to digital shipping notices, products are tracked on computerised systems from their earliest origins, often all the way to the recycling bin.

Data flows. End to end.

Despite this huge investment in digital infrastructure, most companies have only limited visibility and insight into where all their products are at any given moment. The culprit is the analog gaps that exist between systems within enterprises and across enterprise boundaries.

Stakeholders, regulators, data silos, partnerships and customer engagement. Blockchain will change how you interact with them all.