Blockchain for Beginners

It is highly probable that you have heard the word ‘Blockchain’ during the last year, whether it’s at technology and innovation forums. But still have no idea of what it means or how it works or what it’s us-case is.

This Blockchain for Beginners workshop is an introduction to the world of blockchain. During this seminar you will gain an understanding and learn what the big hype is about.

This workshop will explore;

– What is not blockchain and what it is?

– How does it really work?

– Why is it Important?

– What does decentralise technology vs decentralised Ideology means?

– Real use-case of the Blockchain technology

– How are industries looking to adopt blockchain?

About the Kaia Myer-Stewart

Kaia is the co-founder of Bridg•it, a tool that uses machine learning to identify and facilitate opportunities for collaborative innovation across industrial supply chains. The ultimate aim is to disrupt the linearity of traditional supply chain structures, creating instead a global supply web comprised of cross-industry partners, all working together to solve their pressing sustainability challenges.

Kaia specialises in communications and marketing strategy, with a diverse background in technology, software development, education and psychology. Her goal is to combine her science & technology skillset with her passion for communication, social impact & intercultural connection and foster more multi-disciplinary approaches to innovation and education.

Kaia also recently began a product manager position at PegaSys, which is the protocol engineering team working on the research & development of Ethereum 2.0, in addition to refining enterprise solutions for the Ethereum blockchain.