ASBAS: Digital Marketing Essentials

Prioritise digital marketing. Marketing is one of the most important ways to drive new business and communicate your customer value proposition. Done right, it can prompt a burst of activity. Done wrong, it can waste your time and money.

Your digital marketing strategy must aim for impact. This means video content, influencer marketing, SEO, staying on top of social trends, and being optimised for mobile devices. This accessible digital marketing workshop will give you the skills, tools and practical advice you need to create and execute an effective marketing strategy.

Here’s a quick taste of some of the topics we’ll discuss:
The difference between various online marketing channels, including social media, Google AdWords, website banners and emails

Building an effective strategy

Developing realistic goals

Optimising your campaign (or Business-As-Usual) activity to ensure you’re spending your money efficiently and tapping into unexpected opportunities

This workshop is for small business owners who want to:
Learn about the various—and most effective—ways to market online

Develop their digital marketing skills

Walk away with practical knowledge and the confidence to start marketing!

Register for this workshop using Option #1 or Option #2 to learn how to use digital marketing to drive engagement and sales for your small business.