A Conversation with Larry Marshall, CSIRO

We are excited to welcome Larry Marshall to join and talk about innovation in Australia. Larry is an Australian entrepreneur and physicist, and Chief Executive of CSIRO.
CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency and one of the most multidisciplinary research organisations in the world.
Larry has a PhD in Physics and is a global leader in laser research. He invented the world’s first “eye-safe” laser. He’s a serial entrepreneur and has founded six companies, in lasers, biotechnology, telecommunications, semiconductors, and venture capital. He’s written over 100 publications and conference papers, holds 20 patents, and has served on 20 boards of high tech global companies.
Larry will be joining us to talk about the role of science and technology in recovery and resilience post-COVID, as well as the long term as we work towards transforming Australia’s economy, energy, and environment.