THE HACKER EXCHANGE // Tuesday night drinks with Devin Mancuso

Join HEX and Devin Mancuso as we explore the phenomenon of Virtual Beings as social influencers

About this Event

WTF is a VTuber?
In 2020 we find ourselves grappling with unprecedented levels of fake-news, propaganda and disinformation in our feeds.

And now a new breed of influencer is here. From digital humans on Instagram to VTubers across YouTube, the era of the Virtual Influencer is now upon us.

Meet Devin Mancuso…

Designer and creative technologist, Devin Mancuso, is a Design Strategist at Google. He works with Google’s Platforms and Ecosystems group to help shape the future for billions of users across the globe.

Previously, he was the UX Design Lead for YouTube’s VR/AR team, where he deep-researched virtual creators and the phenomenon of Virtual Beings as social influencers

Originally from Adelaide, Devin now lives and works in Silicon Valley and has had the privilege of contributing to products across Google including Android, Pixel, YouTube and Daydream.