Startup Governance & Founder Resilience: Why & How to build a Startup Advisory Board?

Led by two seasoned entrepreneurs and experienced board directors, this Founder experiential and active learning workshop will teach Founders about setting up the best support structures for Founder resilience and how to best build an advisory board.

The economic benefits of an Advisory Board can include advice on how to:
Sell to enterprise B2B/B2G;
Scale into new markets, to go global;
Get investment ready; and
Open up networks you never thought possible.

This active learning workshop would be most beneficial to almost all Founders, from startup, to those who are heading towards scale-up and considering a capital raise in the next 12 months, or already raised seed and entering Series A-D rounds or possibly considering an IPO, even newly listed companies considering bolstering their board. There’s only one rule at Advisory Board Club: You can come and play on the one condition, that you are prepared to be accountable!

The interactive engagement will allow Founders to go through the process of assembling their advisory board, to know the ideal board composition or best fit-for-purpose solution. Underpinned with traditional governance structures and advice on the core competencies, you need to master as your role as a Director, this program aims to open up your thinking as to what is possible with the governance oversight, strategic advice and emotional resilience support of a powerhouse advisory board.

Your Board Assemblers:

Andrew Donovan, a facilitator with Australian Institute of Company Directors for 15 years and a director / Chair of boards for more than two decades, his governance expertise is second to none; Andrew has a passion for entrepreneurship and collaboration to innovate.

Warwick Peel, a seasoned headhunter of two decades, his past five years has been both recruiting Non-Executives and educating Directors on their board careers. He works with startups, private companies, pre-IPO, and small-mid cap ASX listed companies on their board appointments. Highly networked, he thrives on connecting people who want to change the game into his relationships.