Pivot on Purpose

My name is Stephen from StartSomeGood, and we are planning to run a virtual summit focusing on how crucial pivoting on organisational purpose is in these uncertain times.

What is “Pivot on Purpose”?

Just in the last six months business-as-usual has been rocked by fires, pandemics and a global reckoning on racial justice. Who knows what 2021, or even the rest of 2020, will bring!

That’s why it is crucial for every organisation to be getting ready for that future by developing the skills and mindset of pivotability.

Pivot on Purpose is a mini-Summit focused on helping you do just that. It features a free panel and series of short talks on Tuesday July 28 followed by a day of Masterclasses on Wednesday July 29.

If any of this interests you or your members, please visit our website.

Join us, and see how taking a step back, could mean taking two steps forward in the future you seek to pursue.