How to Use Chatbots to Drive Business Growth

Chatbots, by now you’ve all seen them — but how can you use them to drive business growth?

🤖 Chatbots aren’t new, they’ve actually been around since the 1960s! But more and more, we’re seeing chatbots applied to new business use cases — so how can they help us?

According to Gartner, “By 2020, 85% of our engagement with businesses will be done without interacting with another human. Instead, we’ll be using self-service options and chatbots”

Growth Colony has put together the ultimate channel to discuss how chatbots can be used to drive your business growth — register to learn how!

👉🏾 Here’s what you’ll learn 👈🏼

– What is a chatbot
– How a chatbot can help your business acquire new customers
– How to optimise chatbots for customer and prospect conversations
– What type of chatbot should I use for my business and what options are out there?