How Drawboard Uses SaaS Analytics to Drive Their Growth

What is the best way to set up and leverage your analytics for your SaaS business? And how do you even start to track these points of data?

There are so many reasons why an effective analytics structure is essential for a SaaS business. It will help you refine your user activation, where the worst churn may be hiding, help segment your customers, highlight the most profitable ones and so much more.

In this webinar, Growth Colony sits down with Drawboard’s Head of Marketing, Nathan Field to discuss how to start tracking your SaaS analytics and Drawboard’s journey to date.

Don’t worry – if you haven’t used analytics before, this is a great place to start.

👉🏾 Here’s what you’ll learn 👈🏼

– How to go about and set up your SaaS analytics (and what NOT to do)
– What you should be tracking at a base level
– How to ask the right questions to get the data you want
– Examples of how to use your data and analytics for personalisation