GSTEP – Global funding for startups

Global Funding: How accessible is it?

There are many different models and pathways to investment. Funding from within Australia is one way. Have you considered Israel or China ?
This is a chance to learn about investment for startups outside of Australia and what is required to attract funding from the Israel, China and other global VC markets. There is significant opportunity and support for startups globally and considering Australia as the only option for funding may limit your chance for growth and global success.

Can you get funding for your startup overseas? How possible is it really?
How do you attract VC interest and potentially take your startup global?

VC funding for startups is available in many regions, with opportunities including Israel, China and US. What is the difference between each market and how do they operate? Who do you pitch to and what is expected?

At this event we aim to answer these questions, placing you in the box seat to develop an understanding of the key differences to sourcing funding in different regions.

There will be a panel of experts and VC’s who will share their insight and an opportunity to build your networks in the global financing arena.

Keynote Speaker:

Curt Shi, Founding Partner, Follow The Seed

A global data-driven venture capitalist firm

Rainmaker, venture capitalist and entrepreneur, Curt leads investment in TMT, sports, entertainment and gaming startups.
With over 10 years in the industry, Curt is an experienced investor and entrepreneur who is focussed on crossover opportunities in China, the US, and the South Pacific.
He works with portfolio companies to set up, access and compete in the world’s largest yet complex market.

Achievements: Since 1999, Curt has been actively participating in China’s TMT entrepreneurial community and as a typical entrepreneur-turned-investor, Curt has been successfully managing venture funds in China and Australia for more than a decade, with successful exits both on American and Australian capital markets. One of his recent successful cross-border investments was Catapult Sports, which is a leader in wearable sports analytics technology and was listed on Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:CAT) Dec 2014 (15x return in 18 months). For his professional performance, Curt was the 2016 winner of CPA Australia – Australia China Alumni Award for Banking and Finance by Australia China Alumni Association and a finalist for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alumni Award by Western Sydney University for 2017.

Expertise: Corporate development, deal engineering, venture capitalism, action sports lifestyle, cross border transactions.

Following the keynote: Expert panel and Q&A