Growing Your Tech Team – Accessing Government incentives & subsidies

2020 has been a period of great uncertainty for the Australian workforce, with more people than ever finding themselves unsure of their future career path or struggling to find the right job to meet their skill set.

In response to this, the Australian government has initiated several incentives, outlined in the 20-21 budget which aim to help businesses recover and find a new level of confidence when navigating their way through COVID-19 challenges and experiences.

For many businesses, accessing these incentives and subsidies can be as tricky as navigating the environment that made them necessary, and is often only the first step. Ensuring you find the right talent to get your business on track is just as important as being able to hire in the first place.

Generation Australia is thrilled to host a discussion with three expert panellists who will provide practical advice for businesses and start-ups on how to make best use of the government support available.