Pitch X Night: The Final Countdown

For the grand finale Pitch X for 2018, we’re thrilled to be teaming up with Melbourne Silicon Beach, YBF Ventures, and TwoSpace to present this mega pitch night!

Together, we’re on a mission to help connect, motivate, and grow startups.

Bringing together experts from across the startup landscape, our amazing judges will provide entrepreneurs and the startup community with the perfect pitching platform.

Pitch X is a friendly pitching competition open to anyone who wants to pitch for a co-founder, investor, mentor, support, or just practice.

We encourage everyone to do a 90 seconds pitch where you’ll need to answer key questions:

– What problem are you tackling?
– What solution are you creating?

The pitch
Pitch how you want, however, you may want to include the following;

– Intro yourself and/or your team
– Talk about the problem you’re solving
– Reveal your solution
– Tell the judges what stage your startup is at and what traction you’ve received
– What you’re pitching for? Support, funding, resources etc

The night

Round one:
Anyone can put their hand up to pitch on the night. The first round will consist of one-minute pitches. Our Judges will choose the top three pitches to progress to the 2nd round.

Round two:
For the second round, finalists will have five minutes to pitch. The Judges will then pick the best in this round to win! We’re lining up some awesome prizes, so stay tuned!

Register to pitch or attend:
Keen to pitch your idea? Register here -https://academyxi.typeform.com/to/XzQald

If you’d simply like to attend, submit your registration in the link below!

The prizes

1st place

2x permanent desks at YBF for 3 consecutive months (valued at $4,200) *Note: Desks must be used by people from the same company
1x hotdesking at TwoSpace for 3 months
1x one-hour intensive pitch coaching session from Simpateco
1x $1,000 course credit voucher from Academy Xi
6 months access to Brandollo — generate customised marketing, PR and branding plans, as well as marketing tutorial content and team workflow and planning tools!

2nd place

1x permanent desk at YBF for one month (valued at $700)
1x hotdesking at TwoSpace for 3 months
1x $500 course credit voucher from Academy Xi
1x FREE Digital Growth Marketing bootcamp at Academy Xi (valued at $100)

3rd place

1x Hotdesking at TwoSpace for one month
1x FREE Digital Growth Marketing bootcamp at Academy Xi (valued at $100)


Dan O’Grady – Co-Founder at Simpateco
Nikki Ricks – Membership Coordinator at Scale Investors Ltd
Brian McCarthy – Founder at Brandollo
Courtney Blackman – Head of PR & Marketing at YBF Ventures
Sid Verma -Founder & Executive Director at BrainSTEM