Pitch Night: The Future of Work

Changes in culture, advancements in technology, and wider economic effects are not only changing how we work, but where we work, how we are paid, and perhaps most importantly, the jobs actually being carried out. Advances in automation, the proliferation of co-working spaces, the rising gig economy and the creation of new blockchain-based applications, are a few trends that are having a profound impact on the future of work.

To shed light on the changing world of work, Startup Victoria is partnering with Spacely this month to showcase four up-and-coming tech startups that are looking to impact and shape the way we will work in the future. There will be a room full of enthusiasts, venture capitalists, and industry professionals from all walks of industries.

This month we’ll be trialing an exciting new format for the People’s Choice Awards – in partnership with VoteAbout. You will receive a unique voting code on the night of the event to cast your vote.