Pitch Night: SpaceTech

With 2019 marking the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing, we are proud to announce our partnership with The Quantum Leap Program & OneGlobalVenture to showcase the future of SpaceTech in Victoria.

Our focus on SpaceTech in February will profile and showcase both leaders and up-and-coming startups that are revolutionising and empowering the SpaceTech industry.

What is SpaceTech?

Space technology encompasses the provision and use of space-related technologies and services, including Space Science; Environmental monitoring and meteorology; Remote Sensing; Satellite components and sub-systems; GPS Data and Telecommunications; Big Data Analytics; Space Education; and professional services related to all of the above (legal, financial, insurance etc).

The Pitch Night:

Startup Victoria are proud to partner with The Quantum Leap Program and OneGlobalVenture to showcase 4 startups working within the SpaceTech sector, as they pitch to a panel of hand-picked, expert judges as well as our usual community of founders, startups, investors and more. They will also be pitching to win the Startup Victoria Prize Package below.


– 24 January – Applications open
– 11 February – Applications close
– 12/13 February – Shortlisted applicants announced
– 18 February – Pitch Training & Selection Session (for shortlisted applicants)
– 19/20 February – Top 4 Finalists announced
– 25 February – Pitch Night

To apply:

Please fill out this form by Monday 11 February.