2019 (The Second) Eureka International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

What is it?
• A competition open to innovators and Startup businesses from these industry sectors:
o Healthcare and Biotechnology
o Advanced Manufacturing
o New materials, clean energy, Additive manufacturing
o IT & Digital Tech
o Food & Agriculture
• Submit a short business plan and pitch to a large audience and judging panel.
Why enter?
• Because it is China!
o Australia’s biggest market, 2-way trading partner and source of international students and tourists.
o It is the fastest growing market in the world in almost every industry sector.
o Chinese consumers and investors regard Australian products and services very highly.
• Win a guided trip to China, cash prizes and build the reputation of your startup.
• Check out the amazing China market meet consumers and investors, test your business ideas and model in market.
• Craft your short business plan and pitch – submit online – deliver your pitch – a chance to win a trip to China.
• Should you be successful, you will also have the opportunity to pitch in a large competition in Jinan, China.
When and where?
• Pitch in Melbourne on the 23rd June 2019
• Travel to Shandong and Zhejiang Provinces in China in late July 2019