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[WEBINAR] Women Coding Express 🚀

Join us online and learn some fundamental programming skills and concepts! The only thing you need? Your computer and your headphones! As women are still underepresented in the tech industry, we want to make sure to create opportunities for them to get the knowledge and skills they need to boost their career 🚀
13 Jun '20 10:00 am Zoom Le Wagon

Top 10 Lessons Learnt from running F**KUp Nights.

F**kUp Nights is a unique storytelling event with a vast amount of people in Melbourne and Sydney attending to listen to stories of personal, business & project failures & the wisdom and resilience real humans learn from such experiences. Garry Williams is a man of many experiences involved in tech, startups, innovation, creative spaces and a lead organiser of F**kUp Nights in Melbourne and Sydney. F**kUp Nights is a global movement born in Mexico in 2012 that brings leaders & creators from technology, creative & business industries to share public business failure stories with hundreds of people attending each event around the world. As an organiser of one of the largest attended Melbourne events in the past 4 years, there are bound to be many lessons learnt along the way. Join us for ‘Stories about failure’ as Garry shares his top 10 Lessons Learnt from running F**ckUp Nights in the last 4 years. This event will be delivered via Zoom video call, link will be supplied.
16 Jun '20 06:00 pm Online via Zoom Western BACE

[WEBINAR] HTML & CSS for Beginners 🚀

Join us for a full day of hands-on workshop and learn some fundamental programming skills and concepts! New to programming and coding? No worries! This is a workshop for beginners who have never (or almost never) written a line of code.
20 Jun '20 10:00 am Zoom Le Wagon

Scale Investors Entrepreneur Office Hour June

During the scheduled Scale 'Office Hours', prospective female entrepreneurs will be provided with a brief overview and presentation of Scale Investors Ltd. and the Scale investment process. Attending 'Office Hours' provides an opportunity to ask for advice from the Scale CEO and/or the Investment Manager (Scale Angels are also welcome to join us). This is not a forum to pitch for funding, and does not guarantee attending entrepreneurs that the entrepreneur will be considered for investment by any Scale member.
22 Jun '20 11:00 am via Zoom Scale Investors

Virtual Progress 2020

Virtual Progress 2020 is a two-day online rapid response conference convening 2,000+ leaders from across the social change sector to build our collective capacity and respond to the COVID-19 crisis. The conference will feature a program of 50+ sessions led by 150 speakers designed to build our skills, to develop our strategies, foster powerful collaborations and put our best step forward. Speakers include community organising Marshall Ganz, Bernie Sanders' former economic adviser Stephanie Kelton, Indigenous author and activist Dr Jackie Huggins AM, communications and messaging expert Anat Shenker-Osorio, health policy expert Bill Bowtell AO, human rights commissioner Ed Santow and emcee Jamila Rizvi. We are offering tickets to Start Up Victoria members with 10% off tickets with the code 'startupvic'. Scholarships and group discounts are also avaialble upon enquiry.
23 Jun '20 — 24 Jun '20 10:00 am Running online Australian Progress

How does communication change during working from home?

In this "International Year of Working from Home" we are coming across numerous new challenges. One of the most unexpected ones is how our ability to communicate degrades when we move online. What are the challenges in communicating remotely? How can we overcome them? Come find out and discuss this topic with communications expert, Andrew Murphy.
24 Jun '20 02:00 pm StartNorth StartNorth