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Brilliant Digital Marketing

Learn digital marketing techniques to grow your business fast at low cost. This condensed workshop is an opportunity to develop your digital marketing strategy with one of Australia’s most successful marketers. Leave knowing how to leverage all the available channels and a with plan you can implement immediately. Outcomes: - An understanding of different social channels, which are rightfor your business and learn techniques to measure the impact of social campaigns - An understanding of how to create a measurement framework to optimise the success of all your digital marketing activities. - The ability to setup a data marketing strategy which can capture and utilise customer data to create more meaningful customer experiences, and to utilise that data to create ongoing leads & sales at a low cost. - How to nurture your customers in an integrated way across a range of digital channels - How to develop a compelling user experience - The ability to use marketing techniques such as SEO, SEM, display, and remarketing to attract new customers. - A deep understanding of who your customers are and how to optimise your online experience to increase your conversion and response rates - How to use videos, blogs and social content to acquire and retain customers

Business Authorities Formula Masterclass

What is the Business Authorities Formula Masterclass? A 2 Day Masterclass and Business Accelerator Event supported by mentorship and access to some of Australia’s leading business growth experts. Business Authorities was created with a vision to empower as many business owners by providing them with the tools to scale their business and create a legacy for themselves and the people they care about. Alongside Business Authorities, the Business Authorities Formula itself, took 14 years to distill into 10 Major Steps that affects the success of a business. These 10 Major Steps are broken down into 4 Main Stages which are: 1. Foundational 2. Growth 3. Magnification 4. Legacy/Empire Creation. The formula has been used to help businesses grow to 8 figures and beyond whilst allowing the business owners to have piece of mind as the business grows because the whole process is systematic. With the promise of ‘demonstrating how to build a business the strategic way and set it up for exponential growth, using a proven formula for business success’ – Business Authorities and The Business Authorities Formula Event and Masterclass was born. For more information about the event and tickets, please visit us at