Marketing your Business: How to get it right, first time

Fast track your next steps to marketing success at this Small Business Victoria workshop
About this Event
Marketing is a vital tool to establish your brand and build a loyal customer base. Without it, your customers will struggle to find you or even know what your business does.

Find out what it takes to make your business stand out from the crowd at this interactive two-hour workshop that will show you how to build your own marketing strategy from the ground up.

Learn how to set marketing goals that work, get to know your customers better, clarify your Unique Selling Proposition and choose the right marketing activities to match your business. Then learn how to measure the success of your activities so you can make sure you’re achieving your goals.

Learn how to:

• Set marketing goals that work

• Choose the right activities for your business

• Use market research and maximise customer service

• Make the most of marketing processes and systems

• Develop an effective marketing action plan

• Attract and keep customers coming back

• Get your business noticed

• Maximise social media