Business Planning Essentials – How to build a road map to success

StartNorth Coworking Space is proud to partner with Small Business Victoria to host this latest business event.

Put your business on the path to long-term success. This workshop will take you, step by step, through the vital process of building a business plan to drive your business forward.

Learn how to map out a plan that will show where your business is at right now,where you’d like to be in future and, most importantly, help you develop a clear vision of the next steps and strategies that will take you there.

You wouldn’t set out on a road trip without a map. The road to business success is no different. Without a map to guide you, you’re flying blind and just as likely to end up lost or facing down a dead end. So, take the guesswork out of your next steps and fast track your business towards success at this practical two-hour workshop that will show you how to clarify your long-term goals into a solid business plan.

Learn to:

• Discover and explore new opportunities

• Identify key risks and limits to growth

• Solve problems using a range of tools and processes

• Think ahead and size up future directions

• Create a business framework

• Develop strategies to fast track success

• Build a one-page business plan

• Access tools, templates, support and resources


Entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, digital nomads, work-from-home folks, business owners, professionals, students, YOU!


StartNorth Coworking Space

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