Startup founders & CEOs – your team needs you now! VID19 Conference –

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I’m speaking on Monday 23rd March, 9:00-10:00am. Just register to attend.

Startup founders & CEOs – your team needs you now!

“As start-up founders & CEOs, you’re used to working in crazy times, in ambiguity, and without borders. But this is different. Very different.

– You are trying to figure all this out for yourself and your business. But your team are looking to you for guidance and support.
– You desperately want to enforce working-from-home output measures and accountability. But you know that’s not going to work.
– You are feeling overwhelmed and a bit lost. But so are you team, and it’s your responsibility to help them.

In this session we’ll explore ways for you to think differently about how you lead your team, to help them feel safe and trusted , so they’ll continue to deliver for you.”