CTRL+N | Getting a grip on your marketing (Pt 1) with Andi Cross

Marketing for your business can be a black hole. And now – with COVID-19, the rules have totally changed. How much should you spend? What’s the best strategy to employ? What actually works?

In this 2-part series, facilitated by LUNA, Andi will deep-dive into the 5 pillars of marketing for startups – and what audience insights you’ll need to build a successful marketing strategy for your business.

Andi is an absolute superstar, advising startups globally through Ohana, a holistic impact-driven brand, as a venture partner at US VC Hatzimemos Libby, and was previously VP of Strategic Growth at Huge, one of the world’s leading design agencies.

In workshop 1, we’ll take a look at marketing in this new world, using real case studies to paint the picture for you, including:
– What’s changed in the marketing landscape and what you need to understand today;
– The 5 pillars of marketing;
– What actually works and what does not; and
– What to do if you do don’t know how to get started.