Atto Masterclass Oct: Sharing Your Founder Story with Cathy Ngo

Atto Masterclass: Sharing Your Founder Story with Cathy Ngo


This session will be a masterclass focused on how female founders can effectively share their founder story. When you share founder story in an engaging way, your audience is more likely to understand your vision and support you in your endeavours. Founders will learn the basics of public speaking, how to use inclusive language and how to make use of humour for effective storytelling.


Cathy Ngo is an entrepreneur, writer, presenter, keynote speaker and thrives at the intersection of tech, comedy and activism. She’s the founder of Keynoteworthy, a challenger speaker agency and social enterprise. With the determination to create a more inclusive world, Cathy founded Keynoteworthy. The purpose is to solve the problems that events and conference organisers have in finding and booking speakers that reflect the diversity of gender, sexualities, abilities, ethnicity and ultimately, perspectives and ideas