🎯ABM Talks: How to Sell ABM to the Sales Team

ABM Talks are open session for ABM experts and curious to discuss what’s happening in the world of Account-Based Marketing and ABX.

56% of B2B brands now leverage ABM – 80% of marketing teams worldwide have confirmed a higher return on investment from ABM initiatives.

But for ABM to have any chance of success the sales and marketing teams need alignment. Forrester suggests teams who actively collaborate to craft an ABM plan have a higher chance of exceeding their targets.

ABM can be so exciting for an organisation… but sometimes the sales team just aren’t that excited about it… We’ve got to change that!

In the first ABM Talks we’ll be discussing how to excite the sales team about ABM to get full buy-in from them.
We’re looking forward to chatting with you all in this open session!