Is your legal house in order for 2019?

We are one month into the year and its time to get the legal and risk parts of your business in check and in order as we roll into 2019!

There were a number of changes in various legislations particularly in the employment law space which impact businesses moving into 2019! This FREE workshop at Christie’s Spaces will help you start 2019 on the right foot. Led by Demetrio Zema, Founder of Law Squared this one hour workshop will cover:

Recent changes in the law including:

The introduction of Single Touch Payroll;

The National Minimum Wages increase;

Updates to the National Privacy Act;

Changes to casual & part-time entitlements in some awards.

Demetrio will also cover strategies to keep your business legalities in order including:

How to keep you and your team accountable by revisiting your business plan;

How and where to keep your company register;

Walk away with a checklist for your company register to make sure you are compliant.

About Christie’s Spaces.

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