Unleash your inner startup founder

Today, some of the world’s most brilliant people are stuck creating gradual change in large corporations or struggling to gain traction with their startup. We’re surrounded by potentially amazing founders, however with startup failures purported to be circa 90%, starting a business is risky business.

These amazing would be founders are often held back from taking the plunge by 4 key factors:
• Inability to find a co-founder(s)
• Lack idea conviction or validation
• Raising capital is daunting, unstructured, favouring those with extensive networks
• It is confrontational to go from a salaried role to no income the day you leave your job

These reasons result in phenomenal would-be founders delaying a decision to leave their jobs as the opportunity cost is massive. Antler, a global startup generator and venture capital company, breaks down these barriers to entrepreneurship.

Come and find out how.